Whether you are just starting out your business or want to improve your company’s performance, SUAN PRO can be of assistance. Regardless of the activity your company develops, planning is a key aspect of any organization. Based on this idea, we offer advice for starting or building business ideas, identifying opportunities, weaknesses and, ultimately assisting you in implementing the proposed strategy.


Business advisory services offered:

9Bullet point Start up business development

9Bullet point Start up business consulting

9Bullet point Identification of business opportunities

9Bullet point Business case studies

9Bullet point Implementing business plans


Business consulting may include evaluating a business idea or a project, an analysis that aims the business consolidation, developing a business plan and the reorganization of the business.

Finally, our analysis is intended to provide a clear market position of the organization with the necessary tools for further analysis.

When consultancy is required?

When there is a business idea that requires further development

When business processes do not function optimally

When you want to revive the company's activity

When the company has grown rapidly and processes recalibration is intended

What do entrepreneurs expect from consultancy?

To be assisted step by step in organizing all processes related to initiating and planning a business for the coming years

To benefit from case studies relevant to their field

To be assisted and later to obtain funding for their project

To be able to make changes in the company's internal flows

Consultancy benefits

Guidance and support in business start-ups coordination

Increasing company’s competence in the area where it operates

Identifying new asserting opportunities on the market

Increasing speed and quality of products and services execution