SUAN PRO strategic vision is based on three elements:


9Bullet point Varied projects

We believe in a diversified portfolio of activities and clearly defined objectives. We perform qualitative market researches and choose the right projects in which to invest.

9Bullet point Partnership

We believe in business collaborations. We create strong and reliable business relationships for mutual benefits.

9Bullet point Differentiation

 We recognize the exact needs of our partners and create the final suitable solution. Our strategy is to make the difference and achieve our goals.


Core Values


Our work is carried out in a close connection with the values ​​in which we believe. Key values ​​that form the basis of SUAN PRO business are:

9Bullet point Professionalism and high ambitions

Professional excellence ensures durable success.

9Bullet point We learn, therefore we succeed

Continuous learning, high performance and personal commitment are the sources of our professional excellence.

9Bullet point We explore, we grow

Our strength lies into the openness to change. We explore the development potential and take brave decisions to create business opportunities in the new selected niches through innovative ideas, successful technologies and profitable growth.

9Bullet point We respect, we connect, we care

Fairness, responsibility and respect are the essentials of our relationships with all involved participants: customers, employees, shareholders and society in general. We seek to maintain long-term relationships with our partners and gain trust through open communication and mutual cooperation.